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The fees for lawyers’ services in civil affairs are, usually, dependent on items value and regulated in the Lawyers Fee Law [RVG]. In addition, all lawyers are entitled to take an advance payment before they have started to work for their clients.

In this regard, lawyers can suggest the agreement of a service contract for out-of-court activities according to § 4 Abs. 2 RVG, in which the charge can be lower than the RVG demands. In some cases, I will suggest the agreement of a service contract with a higher fee as the RVG demands if the case is too time-consuming to cover costs.

There is the possibility that persons are entitled to claim governmental consulting support or court costs support under German law. In this regard, the government will bear the expenses for lawyers if for the case exists a high chance on success.

Further, private insurances cover lawyers’ fees and court fees if you have an insurance policy covers legal costs.

You should always demand an estimate regarding the expected costs for legal proceedings. Generally, I discuss the estimated costs for legal services with my clients up front. On this base, you are able to do an economic calculation and estimate the financial risks. The possibility of service contracts is advisable if you can foresee that you need legal services several times over a steady period or for a special project, for instance, the establishment of enterprises or the administration of premises.

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