Lawyer Oliver Langner

Lawyer Oliver Langner has studied the law at the university of Osnabrück and finished his studies with the 1. state examination in 1999.

After a practical training with Arthur Andersen in Moscow (Russia) for six month he completed his legal clerkship at OLG Düsseldorf and finished this internship succesful with the 2. state examination. After jobs with Baker & McKenzie in Hanoi (Vietnam), Andersen in Düsseldorf und Ernst & Young in Moscow (Russia) he worked in a tax consulting office in  Düsseldorf.

Already during his work in the tax consulting office in Düsseldorf Rechtsanwalt Oliver Langner established a lawyers office in May 2003. In addition, he establihed together with tax adviser Werner Hündgen from Cologne Langner & Hündgen PartG, which will be liquidated now, after Mr. Werner Hündgen died on November 30, 2016.

Rechtsanwalt Oliver Langner finished successful a tax law course for qualified lawyers with the institute of Dr. Grannemann & v. Fürstenberg (Freiburg/ Breisgau) and got the permission to hold the title qualified lawyer for tax law since November 2010.
In addition, Rechtsanwalt Oliver Langner Langner finished successful a course for qualified lawyers for industrialproperty with Deutschen Anwalts Akademie GmbH and is persuing his permission to hold the title qualified lawyer for property.

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